Business documents Urdu translation service

Business documents Urdu translation service


Business documents urdu translation Pakistan. Buy this service for English or Urdu Translation of your business or office documents. For example Office Letters, Notices, Circulars, Emails, Procedures, Manuals, Machine operating manuals, machine instructions, operating instructions, administrative instructions, product manuals, product inserts, product advertisement, brochures, banners, pamphlets, other advertisement material, Industrial manuals, industrial instructions,  instructional sign boards, industrial documents, industrial operational instructions, industrial safety instructions etc.

تکنیکی زبان والی دفتری یا کاروباری دستاویزات کا ترجمہ جیسے کہ قانونی دستاویزات، اسناد، تکنیکی تصریحاتی دستاویز، مصنوعات کتابچے، عدالتی احکامات یا دستاویزات، سافٹ ویئر، آپریشنل دستاویزات، خطوط، نوٹس، تنظیمی دستاویزات، صنعتی دستاویزات، دفتری ہدایات، صنعتی حفاظتی ہدایات، وغیرہ۔

The following price is for standard 1 page text (Maximum of 400 words). For more number of pages increase the quantity of the order from alongside “Add to Cart Button”

مندرجہ ذیل رقم صرف ایک صفحہ یا زیادہ سے زیادہ 400 الفاظ تک کے ترجمہ کے لئے ہے۔ اگر صفحات زیادہ ہوں تو “ایڈ ٹو کارٹ”  بٹن کے ساتھ تعداد کو بضرورت زیادہ کرلیں۔

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Business documents urdu translation Pakistan. It includes some particular type of technical terminology and in depth understanding of the subject matter which is to be translated. Normally not anyone can translate this kind of translation. Translator should have experience and academic background which is required to translate these kind of documents. Our translators have proper experience and are well educated and can easily handle technical urdu translation.

Business documents urdu translation pakistan is a technical translation which is related to the following specialised industries,  such as aeronautics, automobiles, architecture, civil engineering, construction, software, electricity, electronics, renewable energy, computer hardware, printing, the energy industry, metalworking, multimedia, Legal documents, shipping, robotics, Certificates, the petrochemical industry, general computing, patents, mechanics, Contracts, mines,  Agreements, programming, Court Orders, SAP, networks,  systems,  telecommunications, etc.

Examples: translation of Legal documents, certificates, court orders, technical instructions, tech. spec. sheets, safety regulation manuals, operating manuals, equipment maintenance and repair manuals, patents, software, product catalogues, licenses, mobile applications, etc. To know more about us. Visit our home page.

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